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With over 500 high-value projects in our portfolio, Cawley Architects is one of the most prolific architectural firms in Arizona. For more than 20 years, we have been applying our uniquely collaborative approach to project management in order to create buildings of superior form, function and value. During that time it has been our privilege to participate in some of the top commercial projects throughout the Valley along with an exceptional group of clients, contractors, and design professionals.

Since 1981, LVA Urban Design Studio has been a leader in its industry because we are committed to generating high quality, sustainable and successful development projects that create a superior quality of life within our communities. Our goal in both land planning and landscape architecture is to focus on our clients’ needs, help them achieve their vision and design projects that are successful from a financial perspective. We’re successful because we know the southwest, its zoning and development regulations and the entitlement process. Our staff has built and maintained an exemplary standing with the municipalities and counties throughout Arizona. Our clients include development companies, homebuilders, multi-family developers, real estate investors, health care organizations, business owners and public agencies in the southwestern United States.

VESPRO founder Peter Vesecky’s roots run deep, as he began his career in 1982, when he created a vehicle (or company?) to provide professional civil engineering and surveying services. It was early during his career that he began assembling teams, similar to the VESPRO team, that consists of dedicated and talented individuals who embrace the quality team approach; where the entire project team works to achieve quality.

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